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10 Live Themed Music Videos: February 2019

Last month I discussed one of the most popular forms of the music video– the “walk around” video.  This month I’m tackling another one—the live video!

If you are doing a live recording of the song (whether in a studio or otherwise), I think that requires confidence, practice and some guts because of the problems with releasing anything truly live—a lack of that perfected, mixed sound being primary (see, Lotus- Fortune favors below).  Another example is Stillhound “Walk in the Park.” I think that video speaks for itself with the masking used, but it’s brilliant. On the opposite side, there are the videos (that seems to popular amongst the metal, harder rock groups) where you are in a room playing to the track of your song. Either way, live videos are a great way to get eyes, and ears, on your music.

Lotus – “Fortune Favors”

Stillhound – “Walk In The Park”

BAILEN – “I Was Wrong”

Badflower – “Heroine”

The Revivalists – “Change”

James Morrison – “My Love Goes On”

Young Culture – “21 Days”

Dear Boy – “Semester”

Dearist – “Colours”

Authority Zero – “Ah Hell”