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Bands and musicians around the world have intensely upped their music video game. To be fair, it’s easy to own a high-functioning camera anymore — most of us have them on our phones. But some people get insanely creative with their work, and we’ve found aspects of videos repeatedly lately that really work for us in a quirky, borderline absurd way. Some videos are unrealistic. Others involve pineapples and stars that move all on their own, simple hand drawn backdrops, and band members with an innate and fun sense of humor. Whether brilliant colors take center stage on ornate headdresses, interpretive dancing is involved, the video footage is spastic or intricate, or there’s a live performance tactic that just jumps out at the audience, each of these videos has a quirk or two that makes it slightly absurd or silly, and all the more entertaining. Check them out, love them and all of their quirks, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Anthony Green, “Vera Lynn”

The Dollar Bill Murrays, “The Shape You Take”

Post Animal, “Tire Eyes”

Trophy Eyes, “You Can Count On Me”

Bantug, “Our Apartment”

Dollar Signs, “Waste My Life Away”

Victory Kid, “Clownin”

BOYTOY, “NY Rip Off”

The Babe Rainbow, “Supermoon”

Taleen Kali, “Half Lie”

Dance Gavin Dance, “Count Bassy”

Preoccupations, “Decompose”