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Lately, we’ve been a little low on energy. Be it the intense heat of the sun – we know you’re feeling it across America right now -, the insanity of our overbooked schedules, or the idea of the impending autumn months; it’s been hard to be anything but sluggish most mornings. But it’s still summertime. It’s still gorgeous outside, the colors are vibrant and beautiful, and we’re still down to party. So we’ve worked all month to compile a list of some of our favorite, energetic new music videos to keep you coasting for the rest of the summer, covering a variety of genres and songs that really get our hearts pumping… be it in your office or on that yacht you’ve been dreaming about. (We know you’re out on your yacht right now.)

Neverkept, “Vertigo”

PUSHER & Anjulie, “All We Can Do”

Selfish Things, “Hangman”

DallasK, “Recover”

REWS, “Shine”

Pohgoh, “Business Mode”

NUEX, “Eyes”

Dream State, “New Waves”

Half The Animal, “Too Late”

Jack White, “Corporation”

Hands Like Houses, “Overthinking”

Active Bird Community, “Baby It’s You”

Young The Giant, “Simplify”

Sofi Tukker, “Benadryl”

Soul Train ft. Debbie Harry, “Just Loud”