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Gallery: Thrice (The Granada Theatre / Lawrence, KS)

Photographer: Lucas Carpenter Date: Nov. 11th, 2018 Venue: The Granada Theatre Location: Lawrence, Kansas #ftg-1010 .tile .icon { color:#ffffff; }#ftg-1010 .ftg-items .loading-bar i { background:#666; }#ftg-1010 .ftg-items .loading-bar { background:#fff; }#ftg-1010 .tile .icon { font-size:12px; }#ftg-1010 .tile .icon { margin: -6px 0 0 -6px; }#ftg-1010

Kidlat Punch, “Bands That Influenced Us”

Curated by: Kidlat Punch Featuring: Hellogoodbye, Modern Baseball, Janelle Monaé, The cars, plus many more. Kidlat Punch will wiggle their way into your heart. The rowdy Austin, Texas quartet - according to their own bio - makes sloppy, poppy, punk rock. While gearing up to release

Live Review + Gallery: Pond (Opera House / Toronto, ON)

Last weekend saw psych-rock magicians, Pond, bring their Aussie charm to a rowdy Toronto crowd. Still riding high on the critical and commercial success that was their 2017 released LP titled The Weather, Pond showed why they are a staple in the indie genre scene

Gallery: Paper Kites, Wild Rivers (The Fonda Theatre / Los Angeles, CA)

Photographer: Deanie Chen Date: Nov. 5th, 2018 Venue: The Fonda Theatre Location: Los Angeles, CA #ftg-1212 .tile .icon { color:#ffffff; }#ftg-1212 .ftg-items .loading-bar i { background:#666; }#ftg-1212 .ftg-items .loading-bar { background:#fff; }#ftg-1212 .tile .icon { font-size:12px; }#ftg-1212 .tile .icon { margin: -6px 0 0 -6px;

Postcard: Seattle, WA

Curated by: Josh Head of Emery Featuring: Emery, Employer, Sunny Day Real Estate, Spirit Award, plus many more. Originally from South Carolina, Emery formed, and emerged, as a powerhouse in the post-hardcore scene of Seattle. As they gear up to release their seventh studio album, Josh