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June has been a month of absolutely incredible music. I mean, 2018 has been for sure, but it feels like mid-year has really stepped up their game. Maybe it’s the face melting heat that induces a more carefree vibe, perhaps it’s the fact that festival season is finally upon us. Either way, we’re super into most of the music videos we have happened upon this month. And this is a roundup of 21 of our absolute favorites, be it for the style of the video, the subject matter, the old home footage utilized, the introspective nature of the art, the fact that it’s a tribute to a really fun music festival – We’re lookin’ at you, Umphrey’s McGee – or otherwise. Hit play on any one of these and melt into a soundscape of your choosing, but be aware that the visual content is just as enriching and thought-provoking.

G Flip, “Killing My Time”

Tomberlin, “Self-Help”

Noga Erez, “Bad Habits”

Goldilox, “Touch You Where It Hurts”

Caroline Says, “Mea Culpa”

Lord Huron, “When the Night is Over”

Kat Cunning, “Make U Say” (live)

Pale Waves, “Kiss”

Bones, “Creature”

Active Bird Community, “Unwind With Me”

Middle Kids, “Don’t Be Hiding”

Deerhoof, “Ay That’s Me”

Great Good Fine Ok, “Change”

Dizzy, “Joshua”

Umphrey’s McGee, “Upward (It’s You)”

William Ryan Key, “Form and Figure”

Rich Aucoin, “The Dream”

Lauren Lakis, “Lead Us On”

Treya Lam, “Magic”

Calpurnia, “Greyhound”

The Blanks, “Broken Home”