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Westport Roots took over the Westport District in Kansas City, MO. May 25-27. The festival crammed 60 bands into 2 stages over 2 days and got the crowd grinnin’ and stompin’. Here are the 4 bands we left the festival still thinking about.

Blackgrass Gospel
The perfect way to describe this Houston Outlaw Bluegrass 5 piece is in the first comment on their current Facebook photo: “Y’all ain’t much to look at, but your music is real good!” The band hammered through their Roots set with snarls and stomps.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves
The band that had the most stickers stuck to every crevice of the festival and the surrounding Westport District. Tejon Street Corner Thieves delivered a riotous performance that resulted in every single band member taking off their shirts. We have proof.

The Underhill Family Orchestra
This is the band that you know are all best friends and you really want to take a photo with them and put it in a frame on your mantle. They made the whole dang crowd swoon with their smooth and energetic sounds.

Ford Theatre Reunion
Ford Theatre Reunion don’t give a fuck. Except they really do. The Lexington, KY based band puts more energy, care, and theatricality into their music than you’d find in most broadway plays (if the actors were on a healthy dose of coke). Learn more about the band and their fondness for Hy-Vee grocery stores in their Liner Note.