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All photos by Nick Howland

Vans Warped Tour is wrapping up its final run with only a handful of shows left. 2018 marks the final year that the brand will exist, and the final time the expansive one day festival makes it’s way across the United States. And though the news of Warped coming to an end hit us right in the gut, it left us time to reflect on what made the event truly special. Here are 5 things we’ll miss the most about Vans Warped Tour:

The Nostalgia

Warped Tour in inherently jam packed with nostalgia, that’s always been part of the experience. This year we saw the likes of Simple Plan, The Used, Bowling For Soup, among many others. There’s something really special about being that sweaty, with that many people you don’t know, and belting out every single lyric to “I’d Do Anything” in unison.

The Music Discovery 

We go to Warped Tour to see the bands we know. But, somewhere in the mix, you’re bound to run into a band you don’t know. A great example: Don Broco. This London-based group came as a pleasant surprise to us, as we hope they did many others.

All. The. Merch. 

Back in the day, Warped Tour was the grand finale for my savings. I’d save up my allowance for months, knowing that Warped Tour promised (what seems like) miles and miles of pop punk merchandise. And I know others did as well. How are you going to go to Warped Tour without copping at least one memento?

The Passionate Fans

Year after year, thousands upon thousands of humans all across the country choose to spend a day in the sweltering, blistering sun. All in the name of good, live music. Warped Tour acts as a catharsis for many people, of all ages, honestly. And the passion of the fans shrouds the event, overpower all the body odor and cigarette smoke there is.

The Passionate Artists

There’s no Warped Tour without music (profound, right?). And it takes a lot of work for the artists of Warped Tour to play day after day. Long drives between stops. A rigorous show schedule. The time commitment. The heat. But nevertheless, here they are. Right in front of everyone, to share their music, to share their story, to share their emotions.