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It’s the middle of the summer, so those of you who haven’t quite gotten your way and headed out of town yet should probably start planning. The good news is, musicians seem to have been doing the planning for you, shooting music videos in picturesque locations and singing about travels, specific cities, and more. We took our favorite music videos of July (so far) that include some travel, or a pull to change your surroundings in some way. If this list doesn’t give you inspiration for your next trip, it might make you feel like you’re in a different space for a while. (Plus we threw in a little social experiment that could help you rid yourself of your anxieties around going somewhere exotic!)

Ralph, “Girl Next Door” (ft. TOBI)

Campdogzz, “Run Wild”

SVIBES, “Colored Walls/Fly Low”

Tatiana DeMaria, “London Don’t Lie”

Youngr, “Lost In Translation”

George Hadfield, “Treadmill”

Rachael Cantu, “Run Free”

Belau, “Breath” (ft. Sophie Lindinger)