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Aaron Lee Martin is a topic of discussion yet again. Following the Kickstarter that was the launch of his most recent and delayed album, Learned Behavior is a-go. Originally postponed due to the fickle finger of fate and the craziness of life itself, Martin’s 3 1/2-year-long wait is over.

First displayed in his 29 June release show, Martin’s new album is reminiscent of the folk-pop that had begun to dominate alternative charts of that era. This long-awaited collection of songs, despite its growing age, harks both forward and backward in time. Bringing to mind the nostalgia of the height of folk in the 1960s, while setting the stage for the world in front of anyone who has the pleasure of hearing these tunes.

In Martin’s own words, “There has been a lot of movement in my life over the past 6 years, good and bad, but I’m ready to close this chapter and see what life with a newborn has to offer.” This album is set to resemble a closing window in the artists life, possible to look back through at any time, but allowing his to begin a new path in his life. Learned Behavior has already begun growing in this sense, allowing Martin to play his past for groups across the country and take steps towards a new album of stories for many more ears to enjoy.

The title song, Learned Behavior, sets the scene for any scene set before listeners. As Martin spins a story that one can be so easily lost in, the close-hitting tune has made clear that it deserves the honor bestowed. The mellow and slow-strumming melody relaxes to no end; a perfect song to lose yourself in.

In the newer developments, Aaron Lee Martin is set to play with Christian Lee Hutson on August 2nd in Wichita, Kansas. Tickets for this event are available on Martin’s website, as well as access to merchandise and other information. This is the next event on the docket and the next opportunity to see live what can be so musically haunting to the mind.

Header photo by Jessica Noelle Photography