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Introducing Aaron Lee Martin, a Kansas-based musician with a heart and soul filled with folk, and a lifetime of experiences for the count. This yet-to-be released artist has recently revived his hibernating music career with a splash. Proof of this can be found in his astonishing Kickstarter results.

Martin’s Kickstarter, one driven to the push the release of his debut album entitled “Learned Behavior”, began on April 2nd. With a goal of $4,000 and six weeks to reach it, Martin’s dream was on its way to becoming a vivid reality. Attached to the project was a video explaining how the uncontrolable web life weaves postponed the albums release. To the musicians surprise, the Kickstarter goal was reached in just half a day.

The Indie-Folk talent has been pursuing this passion since 2005, and despite the three and a half years separated from the traditional musician lifestyle, Martin’s restart is stronger than ever. With a heartfelt message to fans and supporters, Martin has offered a multitude of prizes as incentive for vary donation amounts. These include albums, demos, posters, t-shirts, and more.

With album production beginning June 30th, and the Kickstarter coming to a close, the artist’s anticipation grows, alongside his strong support. With this extraordinary occurrence, Martin’s album will be a jolt to the past as tunes written and recorded almost four years ago finally reach ears and hearts across the globe.

In all this time, while his project sat to the side and life took the reins, the artist has never stopped. His art has continued and changed with him as he continues day by day. After such a separation of time, only it can tell, Aaron Lee Martin and his charismatic, hypnotic tunes will never fade.

“I will just try and take things as they come and do the best I can to create, record, and release as much material as I can, while trying to stay true to the times and seasons of creativity.”

To contribute to Martin’s Kickstarter or follow his future musical endeavors, information can be found on his Kickstarter or Facebook. Merchandise and music can be found through these links, alongside the fantastic musical community that aims to support Martin among others.