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Every musician has a story. We're here to help tell it.

The world is literally filled with music. There’s a person picking up an instrument today for the first time and some others huddled around a computer putting their band’s first track on the internet in hopes of getting noticed. On the other side of this screen are just a few dorks trying to listen to as many of those songs as possible and spread the word about all the incredible musicians putting themselves out there.

We believe that most bands don’t fully get to tell their story, whether that’s because people aren’t aware of them or because it gets lost in the pre-canned questions of sometimes overly-structured interviews. We aim to challenge that by looking for bands that maybe haven’t gotten noticed just yet or don’t have too many listeners. Bands that have killer music that needs to be heard and stories that need to be told. Playlistplay is a platform for those voices as well a space to learn about those bands, discover music, discuss it, and be part of a music-focused community.

If you’re a band and would like to get your music featured on the site or tell us a story, PR that would like to chat with us about a band, a music festival that wants us to provide coverage for your event, you just wanna chat about music, or you want to advertise with us, check out our Connect page and shoot us a line.

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