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Adam Phillips / Brandon Phillips And The Condition

If you grew up around Kansas City, during the late 80’s and early 90’s we had a real gem of a radio station called Oldies 94.9. This was well before we had the Buzz and the Bridge and X and the Rock. Before we had the Lazer or Z-Rock.

Oldies 94.9 wasn’t “TOTALLY SIIIIIIICK” and the didn’t “CRUSH IT” but it’s where we heard groups like the Crystals, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Tom Jones, the Kingsmen, Thin Lizzy, The Stones, Aretha and The Who from the backseats of our parents cars on the way to school. That soundtrack changed everything.

There was some kind of genetic marker in that music that left us easy targets for bands like The Ramones, the Jam, Blondie, and Elvis Costello.

One musical rabbit hole lead to another and another and the next thing I know I’m in 4 different bands that all take turns reminding me of those days in the backseat listening to the radio.

Favorite Record Store

Oooh. Too hard to pick in KC. Josey, Mills, Vinyl REN and Revolution are all pretty great and they all have their own special niche. Outside KC, it’s gotta be Ameoba.

Favorite Concert Venue

Favorite place in KC to play a show: The Midland. Favorite place in KC to see a show: the Midland Outside of KC my top pick: The Palladium, Los Angeles.

Brandon Phillips & The Condition
Kansas City, MO

“There was a certain style of songwriting and performance that I had always wanted to do but had never taken the plunge.” Says Brandon Phillips (also of The Architects, The Gadjits, Other Americans), central figure in Kansas City, Missouri’s brand new pop-soul group, Brandon Phillips and The Condition. In response to that unscratched artistic itch, Phillips began writing and recording in 2015 with the help of his brothers Zach Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits, Other Americans) and Adam Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits, Radar State, Other Americans) and enlisting the help of various KC area musicians along the way to flesh out a sound that was equal parts Get Happy-era Elvis Costello and early Motown.