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There’s a higher sense of importance about creating something in-house. Being able to have your hands on all aspects of a product, from beginning to end, all while staying in a familiar space. It yields something different. And it usually leads to something comfortable. Parallel Colors’ album Terminal was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered all by guitarist Chase Bensing in-house. He also designed the band’s logo and album cover. Although all of this was done in a predictable environment, the end product of Terminal isn’t predictable at all. It’s a wealth of different sounds, ranging from spacial ambiance (“Arrival”) to intertwining indie guitar ballads (“Elixir”) to the true post-metal backbone of the band which surfaces within the three part closing act of the “Convalescent” tracks.

Terminal presents itself as a highly polished collection of songs that could only be created through a personal environment that allows continued focus and nurture from the band. It’s a journey whose path goes from gentle to shaking you at it’s core. Drummer Ben Elliott offers further insight to the album:

Terminal was written to take you on an emotional journey through life and death. We hope the listener will immerse themselves into the opening ambiance and see where the music takes them as the story unfolds. We welcome any interpretations, as we hope each listener will be affected differently.

Terminal is being released by the three-piece band January 7, 2017 but we have an early premiere of the album in it’s entirety below. Take a listen and if you’re in the Louisville, Kentucky area where the band is from, be sure check out their album release show at Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Or if you’re not, there’s never a better time for a road trip.