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Nostalgia is a powerful thing. We have all been inspired by our past and the things that enter our lives and inspire us or change us in certain ways. Those moments tend to pull us back to them when they are remembered or appear in our peripheral. Astral Planes latest EP Lostapart channels the angsty but poetic emo music of our youth, but strips it down and cuts out some of the (albeit beloved) bullshit to create a blend of the emo of yesterday and the indie / alternative rock of today. The core of the music focuses on both internal and external strife; the difficulties we tend to deal with within our own heads as well as those we face when faced by another. In the song “Bound By Blood,” singer Zach Kane howls “We’ll be fine / We’ll be alright We’ll be ok / We never had a choice anyway.” It’s hauntingly close to the things I’m sure we all tend to mutter to ourselves at some point in life, finally accepting that somethings, sometimes, are just out of our control.

Here’s the album in Zach’s own words:

I’ve always believed that music is only worthwhile as long as it means something to the artist that’s performing it. It has to be real. Unfortunately, I knew when I was writing this EP that in order for it be real art I’d have to speak my truth and really get how I feel off my chest. I had to write about what’s closest to me and be 100% honest. The end result is Lostapart a cathartic collection of 4 songs about me and my demons.

Lostapart is officially released Friday, Oct. 28 but you can get an early listen to the EP below via our exclusive premiere. Stream the album below and be sure to preorder it on Astral Planes’ Bandcamp page.

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