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While we’ve gotten the unique opportunity to work with indie pop musician Daniel Feinberg over the past year, today we’ve got the incredible pleasure of introducing his new 10 track album A Dream To Unwrap to you. From mid-tempo, dreamy pop track “Fast and Benevolent” to sweet, simplistic love song “Hand-Drawn Map”, all the way through to last track “All Beyond”, Feinberg maintains a lightweight, irrefutably mesmerizing instrumental feeling to the release, sprinkling in party songs like “Summer on the West Coast” to keep you from going into an introspective, glittering trance at times. It’s easy to see why as, at times, it seems he has found his vocal influence in the deep, monotone talents of the 80s (i.e. “Summer on the West Coast”, “All Beyond”).

A Dream To Unwrap is something you’ll surely want to delve into. Or, at least unwrap before the holiday season really gets rolling. (You might need it to survive Aunt Margie’s runny, tasteless gravy and excess of unnecessary hugs and frivolity.)

And if you like what you hear, catch Feinberg perform live at Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA on Monday, Nov. 27.