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Album Premiere: Manzanita Falls, 'Vestige in the River'

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Album Premiere: Manzanita Falls, ‘Vestige in the River’

Four short songs.

Four short songs is all we get from Manzanita Falls’ brand-spankin’ new EP, Vestige in the River. Following 2017’s full-length Abilene, the new tunes devised by the Santa Rosa quartet are jaunty, strong, and will leave you wanting more.

With a slight adjustment of members, Manzanita Falls used this EP to re-establish themselves. While the band maintain their own sense of songwriting, there are undeniable bouts of influence from indie heavy hitters like the National, or Death Cab For Cutie. Tasteful and dynamic guitars – shifting from clean to distorted in a blink – keep the tracks alive and well as the vocals soar above it all.

Vestige in a River will be officially released this Friday, May 24.