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We’ve been a big fan of the Midwest Mutts ever since we saw them first pick up their instruments and play their first song live as a band. They are a group of Midwest guys who have more soul and craft than many of their industry peers (most of the band are still relatively fresh out of high school) who are quite a bit older and technically more seasoned than them. They seamlessly fuse funk with alternative and inject indie rock influences into the mix as well. Youth is their debut EP and the title (and quirky cover art) speak accurately to the band and the EP’s contents, but it also throws a bit of a misdirection at it’s listeners. The band is young and in the throws of their youth, yes, but they also very much have their eyes wide open enough to realize the importance of the things going on around them within society. And they aren’t afraid to tell us their thoughts on the matters; like race, love, etc. The Mutts don’t shy away from anything, they tend to take topics head on. It’s that blatant passion and attention that helps make them so irresistible and so timely. That and their unbelievable technical skills, of course.

Youth is released independently by the band on Friday, 11.25.16, but we’ve got an early listen to the entire EP before that date below. Give the band some support and be sure to check them out as they continue to tour and sell their album. If you can’t get enough from the band, be sure to watch the Session we did with them a while back as well.