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August 31, 2018 Stevie Ervay

Unapologetic from the very beginning, Mikala Petillo – Miki P – let’s you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

The opening track, “Who I Am”, summarizes Dome Of Swallows quite nicely. Gentle ukulele strums invite you in and Petillo’s soft voice innocently, yet firmly, declares that she’s not here to be anything other than herself. You get a sample of things to come as the song hits a crescendo and Petillo’s voice soars off the ground.

The whole album unfolds similarly. Wrapped underneath the bright and charming instrumentation and gorgeous vocal work are lyrics saturated with emotion. Some happy emotion, some not-so-happy.

Each track carries with it an emotional weight, some heavier than others. Tracks like “Inferno”, “Human Again”, and “Broken Hearted People” are brutally honest and can at time be introspective. Other tracks like “Take Me Out”, “Music Box”, and “Kansas City” take on a lighter note, something more for fun, less to think about and more to sit back and enjoy.

Dome Of Swallows is a nugget of excellent music. From bass line to Petillo’s unmistakably explosive voice, every part of this album exudes talent. Miki P will be celebrating the release of her debut album at the Rino in Kansas City  on September 14th.