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Positivity isn’t always just hoping for the best outcome. Sometimes it’s acknowledging the failure of a situation or the imperfection of occasional life and simply moving past it with the intention to continue forward. It’s about the direction you are moving and just sometimes being ok that things are the way they are.

Starter Garden holds these values close to heart on their debut album Made Of Glass, Made Of Stone. Equal parts fuzzy indie distortion of Death For Cutie as grown-up emo of Brand New, Nathan Leritz pushes and breaks his voice to fit the form of his heart on the sleeve lyrics. Leritz’s voice is a welcomed imperfect scream; a scream we all tend to connect with ranging from the more gentle (in perspective) yell of “Salt Stains” to the beat-the-shit-out-of-everything pace of the tail end of “Back In The Groove.”

Speaking about the meaning behind the album, Leritz said “Made of Glass, Made of Stone is a record of self acceptance. It’s an attempt to embrace our flaws and shortcomings, as well as give due credit to the positive forces in our lives that make our existence a little more pleasant. It’s about looking at ourselves, seeing the parts that don’t work quite right and saying, “That’s okay.” It’s about being grateful for the people who show us love and patience in spite of those things.”

Made Of Glass, Made Of Stone comes out December 6 on Road Soda Records but you can take an early listen to the full album below. You can also order the album on limited red cassette tape and CD via the record label’s site.