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August 8, 2018 Stevie Ervay

Off Course! is the down-tempo bedroom pop album we’ve been wanting all summer. Reminiscent of the music I was looking up on MySpace in 2007, singer-songwriter Daniel Gardner, as You, Me, The Coast, adds a brilliant flare to that specific sound. The five track album marks the debut of the rather new solo project from Gardner, and it’s a perfect introduction.

Off Course! is the album you want to play during that heavy summer storm, that warm night drive with the windows down, in your backyard as you get wrapped up in you hammock. With drum machine beats laying the foundation, deep guitar tones and whirring reverb creates rich soundscapes within in each track; something you don’t expect to hear from an album I can only call minimalistic.

Layered, gentle vocals guide you through each track. Always staying at the forefront, Gardner’s voice remains smooth. In each track, you can pick out something that can only be extremely personal. That’s a weird way to say that Gardner poured pieces of his heart into these songs, and the evidence is in the lyrics.

Off Course! is officially released this Friday, August 10th. Until then, keep up with You, Me, The Coast on Facebook.