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BLKC Records

I only saw The Atlantic a handful of times in KC during their heyday, before they morphed into Clairaudients. But each and every time I did see them, it was a real treat. Here were four dudes, the same age as me, making this aggressive, beautiful, complicated, emotional music that just struck the right nerve. I frequented their tracks in my iTunes library all too often; the Brand New tinged “The Thief And The Temptress,” the experimental and down-trodden “Should Have Stayed” and “Everything Is” were all staples in my playlists.

And now, 6 years after their last proper release, the quartet is back. In this time, the Atlantic has played a few shows, but have not released new material, that was until August of this year when the band released “Fever Dream,” their first single (and opening track on the new EP). And what a bombastic re-introduction that four-minute track is.

Luring you in with soft guitar strums, breathy tempered vocals, and an impossible-to-ignore urge to sway, the EP kicks off. Right as you’re getting comfortable, the band explodes from the quiet and turns the song into a heavy rager. Ahh yes, this is the Atlantic we all knew and loved. Desert is rife with intense dynamics; a quiet moment blown apart by singer Patrick Robinson’s abrupt yells, a jaunty guitar line torn apart and refigured into a heavy, driving line, drums and bass never missing a beat, taking the songs from vibe to vibe.

The band that always carried a palpable angst with them has now matured, without losing that signature power in their lyrics and their musicianship. Desert sounds just like everything we loved about the band in 2013 grew up with us. We’re older, but let’s be honest, we’re still just as angsty.

The Atlantic is Patrick Robinson, Brandon Gardner, Blaire Geenens, and Eric Fain. Matt Cox is featured on vocals on “Stay Away.”

Desert is available digitally everywhere tomorrow (Friday, November 3rd). The Atlantic will be celebrating the release on Saturday, November 11th at the RINO with Le Grand and Mess. Desert was recorded and engineered by Patrick Robinson, Braxton Matlock mixed and mastered.

Album cover credit: design– Kevin Briody; photography– Jorden Durkee