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Everloving Records

If you love all things that glitter – and, really, who doesn’t? – then Portland-based Dana Buoy’s Ice Glitter Gold is set to tickle your fancy. Dana Buoy is the duo of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dana Hanssen and Justin Miller that delivers an almost magical soundscape behind slightly gritty – yet somehow incredibly melodic – vocals. Their latest gift to the world – the eight track Ice Glitter Gold – makes its debut Friday, and we’re all in.

Though “Twisted Soul” sets the upbeat, dance track tone that encapsulates the majority of the album, it simultaneously introduces this eery, chilled feeling that exists as an undertone. Rightfully so, as the work was largely inspired during the duo’s time in the dreary Pacific Northwest. Dancing into the title track, there is an increased warmth that accompanies a more EDM-vibe to the instrumentals. “Whatever” feels a little more rock ‘n roll, while “Colors Out” has a slower tempo, enticing you to “fall asleep” — or introduce your pals to a more slow-mo method of dance. And don’t get me started on the sheer magnetism of “Let Go Awhile”, which delivers a great message with driven, intense percussion.

“Bloom” has that upbeat, European-inspired pop-rock feel to it, which makes it most likely to appear in the credits of a future sitcom. And that’s not to detract from its “tearing up the dance floor” feel or the crashing symbols that just make it impossible not to head bang. But we will admit that the intensity of this track makes “Too Early” – a blissful and upbeat track – feel soft. The band rounds everything out with “Only One”, the slowest and most romantic feeling song on the album. It’s the perfect slow down from the insane dance party that its seven predecessors provide, but that doesn’t stop us from being floored.

Ice Glitter Gold is out February 23rd. Keep up with Dana Buoy here.