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Happy New Year to us. Kansas City-native dream pop band – appropriately named Dreamgirl – just dropped their self titled first full length. A follow up to 2015’s Illuminaughty EP, this self titled effort puts forward a stronger step and really lets you know that the quintet has hit their stride.

Dripping with deep, atmospheric reverb, the nearly half hour album kicks right into gear with their first track, “Forever Between Us (Pt 1)” – a mood setter for the length of the nine songs. Found throughout the album are poppy guitar that reminds you of warmer weather sets the tone. Peppy drums and punchy bass riffs through every track. Subtle, yet prominent synth whirs in and out. Vocalist Lacey Hopkins lays out her heart via distinct, charming vocal melodies – sometimes accompanied by Austin Marks, sometimes not.

Songs like “Mythos” and “Just Friends” pull on the heartstrings and solidify Dreamgirl as an unbelievably catchy pop act. Other songs like “Silverado” and “Bad Bizness” add a crooner-like quality to the soundscape, adding a unique element to their quasi-modern sound. Needless to say every song on this album has the strength to stand alone.

Dreamgirl takes you for one of the most relaxing joyrides you’ve been on in a while. At least it did for me. Recommended to listen to with sunlight on your face and wind in your hair, cold weather or warm weather – this is a season-less listen.

Dreamgirl was self produced by the band. Sam Stephan engineered the record with co-engineer Ian Dobyns. The album was mastered by David Gaumé at Forest Sounds, North Hollywood, CA. Catch Dreamgirl next in KC on January 19th at the Riot Room with Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type and Momma’s Boy.