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Caveman Arts Society

If you’ve loved Freedom Fry before, the duo’s long-awaited debut album Classic will not disappoint.

The Los Angeles based duo, of Parisian-born Marie Seyrat and Michigan-born Bruce Driscoll, charm listeners immediately with their cheery indie-folk sound. The 12-track album showcases both the light and danceable songs the duo is known for and a few slower, bittersweet selections.

The title track, “Classic”, reminds you of vibe and essence of the duo, with breezy melodies and harmonies interlapsed with bits of trumpet, adding a fresh new dimension to the song. Following “Classic” is the earliest released single of the album, “Awake”, a catchy, danceable indie tune. “For You” is an addictive, rolling melody. “Cold Blooded Heart” opens with Driscoll’s gravelly voice, and he takes the lead for the majority of one of the more heavily folk-influenced tracks in the album. The next song, “Die Tryin” is one of the few tracks where Seyrat and Driscoll have extensive verses to his/her own, and the two combine in the chorus for a high-energy, bright sound. “Wild Child” combines the duo’s energy with a slower tempo, for a soothing, sleepy song. The tempo decrease continues with “Tidal Wave”, which feels a bit lighter, opening with an acoustic guitar strumming gently. This track is one of my personal favorites because of its simple appeal, the light instrumentation showcasing the Freedom Fry’s sweet vocals and leaving you feeling warm. The album picks up again with “Past Lives”, with a fun, danceable rhythm and a quirky whistle augmenting the chorus. “Everybody Thinks the Love is Gone” is another unique track on the album. The duo’s harmonies are enhanced by cello, which adds a moodier and cinematic feel to the track. This more serious sound is also used in “Old News”. Here, the duo showcases a bit more of their alt-rock side, with Driscoll’s voice meshing perfectly with Seyrat’s lilt and a piano accompaniment. “Ticking” picks the tempo up again, with the duo’s recognizable folksy sound, and the album ends with the retro, sleepy sounding “Easy Street”.

In this album, Driscoll and Seyret utilize their sweet vocals to not only show what Freedom Fry does best, but also the range and depth the duo is capable of. Classic comes out June 1st, which means the wait for the perfect summer album is almost over.

Header photo by Michelle Shiers