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We caught our first whiff of Songs From The Realm back in August of 2017 when Me Like Bees announced their partnership with Image Comics with a post-apocalyptic, campy music video for the song “The River Divides”. Fast forward to present, and the Joplin, MO quartet are gearing up to release a full EP under the same partnership. Me Like Bees has always carried a story-driven songwriting approach, that’s been apparent since their 2013 full-length debut, The Ides. So the Bee’s teaming up with a graphic novel isn’t all that farfetched.

The EP kicks off with a refrain and swiftly envelopes the listener in this strange, foreign world. Five tracks about a group of vagabonds navigating and surviving a post-apocalyptic landscape. With songs that transport you straight into character, the listener can’t help but to feel connected to the story. Stories of personal growth and challenge – from these fictional characters – carry a heavy amount of emotion. You really get to know this world, and what it takes to survive in it.

Backing away from the content of Songs From The Realm gives the pure genius musicality the attention it deserves. Me Like Bees has always been that group to push the boundaries of what fans may expect. One song does not sound like the other. An ill-versed listener may very well assume that each of these tracks were written by a different person – a gift that will keep Me Like Bees thriving. For four members, the Bees create lush soundscapes in one track, followed by bare-boned basics in the next.

Find some good headphones and set aside half an hour to immerse yourself in Songs From The Realm, available everywhere tomorrow (March 30, 2018).