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New York native Madeleine McQueen is bringing a wind of change with her new Wildfire EP. Being the second extended play in McQueen’s arsenal, there’s no denying the musical and emotional power of the artist. The new EP features five new tracks, all filled to the brim with mellow rock vibes that lyrically echo to your soul. Each of the five tracks, with their own individual patterns and melodies, flow seamlessly in McQueen’s work.

The title, Wildfire, speaks for itself, echoing something hidden inside everyone. This sensation resonates throughout the tracks, reflecting off McQueen’s out-of-the-ordinary vocals. The first track, “Come Up Clean”, brings out chill 90s indie-punk and is emphasized by the intermittent instrumental that hits hard with an astounding guitar solo. The track is almost opposite of the following tune, “Guide Me Steady”. The melody has a bounce and is paired with a darker, almost pleading lyric to be guided away from the artists own actions.

“Earth” is a much softer sound, a song about longing to be free of a place and past. The short clip is just enough to slow your racing heart following the crashing and cascading sounds from the EP’s start. The album continues to slow with “Desert Flower”, a story of an emotional break that is just peaceful enough for a night drive. The tune continues to carry on the traditions of life—people leaving, falling behind, and staring at the sky. The out-of-reach context is only emphasized by the artists creative use of keyboard synthesizer, feeling entirely out of this world. If you’re feeling out of place, this melodic composition is perfection.

The capstone of this EP and the title song, “Wildfire” has a much more upbeat tune than its predecessors. As a revival of hope and life itself, the artist’s journey continues and grows. That follows the melody at least. The lyrics, much darker and tackling that same emotional break found in “Desert Flower”, continue the darker pattern of the EP. However, these same lyrics contain some traces of hope as the writer tries harder to be more than what is inside her head.

Wildfire will be released October 13th, but if you can’t wait till then, McQueen has more music available on her Bandcamp. Hands down, this is not a musician you’ll want to miss.