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Motion CNTRL’s new EP, Envision, is arriving on a wave of synth December 1st. The electronic-based album is a reminiscent mixture of Wolf Alice 1980’s synth, bringing to mind that dark, life-inspired music that reverberates from every aspect of the two. This record is built for electric minds. Can you handle it?

The first song, “Night After Night,” carries a classic 80’s pop melody. Slowed down and layered with a tempestuous beats and echoes, it holds the same traits of the top sultry underground hits. Speaking to listeners of the inability to break free of something that was once so pure, Motion CNTRL allows listeners to flow with them on a river of uncontrollable distraction and destruction. The lyrics whisper, “Time after time it’s clear, we’re resting on a memory”, as the singer apologies for the loss of love and begs the other to wait for her until she is ready. The songs overall craving for things outside its reach resonates in listeners, speaking to their own longing.

“Across The Divide” has a lot more of a ‘Stranger Things’ vibe to it’s roots. As the song introduces itself, the heavy 80’s notes creates a brilliant setting for the rest of the tune. The heartbeat rhythm that carries this melody of fantasizing love and possession hypnotizes listeners to the things they treasure most. Continuing on its own path, softer notes come to life, aiding the growing and encapsulating lyrics that are reminiscent of Wolf Alice’s signature attractive, smoothed chaos. Alternatively, Motion CNTRL’s calm and collected rhythms neatly flows from one tune to another.

The EP’s single, “Into The Dream,” integrates a new and irregular drum beat, bringing this tune down from the clouds. The almost asymmetric rhythm of this melody provides a comforting yet unsettled rock to listeners, while its synthetic boasts appearing periodically throughout the song brings an eerie, chills-up-your-spine reaction. The creation echoes the uneasy feeling that comes with the songs subject matter: unwilling to let go, yet unable to stay still; existing only in a dream. The twisted mix intensifies when the drum accelerates, but falls back to origins at its end, leaving listeners with an almost euphoric and tribalistic high.

“In Another Life,” the end to this rollercoaster EP, Motion CNTRL plays their first pop-y tune on the EP. The heavy synth opening brings out a nostalgia for the 80’s synth jazz that has come to be so coveted. Escalating to a steady beat, the first male vocals on the EP make their appearance just in time. The sentiment that all would cascade together perfectly in ‘another time’ permeate the song, finalizing the desire and existential longing that had followed listeners through Envision in the first place.

Envision reflects off diamonds, sending different versions of that same desperate need for another into the universe. Motion CNTRL’s ability to transform something beyond words into a tangible thing hits home to listeners in a way that cannot be explained within the working English language.

The EP will be released soon, but until then, take a gander at Motion CNTRL’s previous hits at their website, Spotify or Soundcloud. Be sure to keep in touch through Facebook—You won’t want to miss anything.