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November 30, 2018 Stevie Ervay

Mr. Golden Sun’s debut unfolds like a cinematic drive down a desolate midwestern highway. Perhaps the title of the EP – Central States EP – beckons this to mind, or maybe it’s the opening line of the album, “Breaking down on the interstate…”. Regardless, these six tracks are a perfect companion on the road.

It’s hard to imagine this body of work as Mr. Golden Sun’s debut. Cohesively, the album carries with it such a mature and unwavering voice. Songwriter Matt Hamer has developed a dynamic character with the Central States EP that’s hard to turn away from.

Subtle intricacies and grandiose motifs run rampant throughout the album. Each track is masterfully layered with beautiful sounds all working together in symphony. What may be a soft moment in the song can suddenly explode into a wild avant-garde cacophony of sound before quickly coming back to form.

Through listening to this album, it’s easy to pick out musical muses Hamer pulled from when writing this album, but as the tracks keep going, it becomes more and more muddy. In one instance, you hear Death Cab For Cutie in the songwriting, but before you can blink you’re hearing something else. Hamer has masterfully blended his influences with his own voice, making the music uniquely his own; uniquely Mr. Golden Sun’s.

Mr. Golden Sun will be celebrating the release of the Central States EP Saturday, December 1st in Kansas City. More info here.


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