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Album Review: Old News, ‘Hands Like Glaciers’

Just cause we’re growing up doesn’t mean we’re not angsty anymore…

Those of us on the tail end of the millennial generation were spoiled with incredible music growing up. I mean c’mon, we had Motion City Soundtrack, we saw blink-182 rise to success and crumble (resulting in +44’s unbelievably salty When Your Heart Stops Beating), we had Simple Plan and New Found Glory telling us to never grow up, etc… So it’s really no wonder that many of us still relate to those feelings even in our adult lives.

Enter Old News, a Wichita, Kansas math / punk quartet adding a heaping dose of maturity to those same topics. Maybe I’m saying this because “Quarter Life Crisis” hit me right in those pesky feels; but Hands Like Glaciers is a perfect 18 minute trip to catharsis and healing – gotta get the rage out somehow, even if that means punch dancing alone at your desk with headphones on.

Coming in hot with “Don’t Bum Me Out”, the catchy track features signature Old News grooves. Guitars add a groundwork layer of distortion while a cleaner lead line dances in and out of focus. Chunky bass and busy drums drive the track forward as singer/guitarist Beau Harris sings and  screams and yells the reprise, “Make up your mind”. As the song explodes and implodes upon itself, sending those distorted guitars into outer space and back, layering vocals, and finding time to throw in a lil jazz influence, it’s difficult to not find yourself hooked; invested fully in the rest of the EP.

As the record continue on, there’s an undeniable gaggle of influences at play. Woven into each song is a little jazz found in the guitars, a little funk from the rhythm section, and a captivating array of poetic lyricism. Hands Like Glaciers builds on the already sturdy foundation of Old News’ prior two EP’s (Consolation Prize and Castro). These five new tracks are much heavier, darker, and raucous. It’s not often that a band can so simply encapsulate their energy of their live set into an album, but that is exactly what Old News has accomplished.

With the release of Hands Like Glaciers – available everywhere online tomorrow (Feb. 2) – the bar has been set higher than ever for the four-piece. Old News is Beau Harris (guitar, vocals), Blaine Martin (bass, keys), Connor Eaves (guitar), Max Abood (drums, percussion). If you’re in or around the Wichita, Kansas area on February 15, Old News will be celebrating the release of Hands Like Glaciers at the Wave with Cartwheel, Mess, and Pigments.

In the meantime, catch the quirky music video for “Tangled Up” here!