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Milkcarton Media Group

San Francisco pop band Talkie has done it. The shimmering quartet from the Golden State has created the perfect album for the season; a dazzling, dynamic, jaunty, fun piece of work. The 9-track Fundamental Things immediately musters up feelings of warm days. The sort of days that you drive with your windows down, aimlessly walk through the park, let the sun soak into your skin and bring that dopey smile out.

In Perfume Genius-esque fashion, Fundamental Things kicks off with a quaint, lo-fi piano number titled “As Time Goes By”. As if to get the slow stuff out of the way first, Talkie then explodes into the second track, appropriately titled, “Fuzzy Disco”; a track rife with fat, walking bass lines and groovy hooks. The remainder of the album follows suit with highly danceable and upbeat offerings. Talkie has created pop songs that contain real and relative concepts, but have seamlessly blended that with music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Walking the fine line of surf/garage rock with psychedelic pop tunes, this album breezes by quicker than you want it to.

Talkie is Eric Martin, Christopher Isaacs, Bradley Hagmann, Matthew Hagmann. Fundamental Things hit digital shelves everywhere tomorrow (4/27).