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C3 Records

There are just some bands that so effortlessly create a sound that is completely theirs, that echoes the internal strife and inner-monologues occurring within the bandmates heads. Bands that pour their every ounce into bashing their hands against the guitar or grinding their vocals cords into the perfect cigarette-tinged howl. By “bands” I actually mean the singular “band” that is the Nashville dwelling Welles.

Fronted by the band’s namesake, Jehsea Wells, the group bends and breaks their instruments to their self-destructive needs across the whole of their debut EP ‘Codeine,’ which is the first release for label C3 Records. Jehsea’s voice casts a smokey spell over the listener, embracing it’s imperfections and cracks to create a voice that is extremely relatable, especially with what seems to be very personal lyrics. His voice also reaches shattering peaks in “Into Ashes” and a skin-crawlingly good howl in “Hold Me Like I’m Leaving.” Holy shiiiiit that howl. The vocals and instrumentation combine to create a sound that feels like memories; combinations of moments in our past or previous lives. While the sound on the recordings is Grade-A rock n’ roll, the band takes this fine-tuned sound and blows the seems off of it live. The songs explode into a glorious, exhaustingly genuine showcase of the band’s raw talent to craft songs that are true to every member of the band’s ability to play their instrument as if it’s part of their own body.

Welles debut EP ‘Codeine’ is out today, April 28, on C3 records. Be sure to catch their intense live performance on tour, dates listed below, which also includes stops at Governor’s Ball in NYC and Bonnaroo in Tennessee.

Tour Dates

Jun 02
Knitting Factory
Brooklyn, NY

Jun 03
Governor’s Ball
New York, NY

Jun 07
Great Stage Park
Manchester, TN

Jun 08
Great Stage Park
Manchester, TN

Jun 08
Manchester, TN

Jun 21
Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel
Davenport, IA

Jun 22
The Law Office Pub & Music Hall
Yorkville, IL

Jul 07
The Hi-Fi
Indianapolis, IN