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Liner Note: Anthony Pedroza / Fellow Robot

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Anthony Pedroza / Fellow Robot

I remember waking up each Saturday morning to the rumbling of my father’s stereo. The first song on his Saturday morning playlist was always ELO’s “10538 Overture”. The arpeggiated guitars disrupted my sleep, while the French Horn graciously asked me to open my eyes. By the time Jeff Lynne’s voice came in, the windows were already rattling and my head was off the pillow.

Back then, I did not have the same understanding or appreciation for the song as I do now. I didn’t get why anyone would want to scream along with Jeff Lynne so early in the morning. As each of us grows, we learn the secrets our parents try so hard to keep. I didn’t know that my dad struggled with severe mental illness until I was about 16.

My dad kept the secret quite well, my brother and I had  a fantastic childhood. He was the same man who taught me how to play my first guitar; a pink 1950’s pearloid-wrapped Supro Belmont. He was also the same man who was always there for us, took us to the movies, coached our sports teams, provided for us. As far as we knew, he had his shit together.

When I began writing music as a teenager, my father’s advice was to write as many songs as I could. He knew the importance of what a single song could do. I am thankful for the lesson, it drives me every day. That philosophy has carried through my work with Fellow Robot. Can music save humanity? I believe it can.

If 10538 Overture could ease my father’s insanity, then perhaps if I write enough songs, maybe someday, one of them can do the same for someone else.

Favorite Record Store

Fingerprints (Long Beach)

Favorite Concert Venue

The Prospector (Long Beach)
Alex’s Bar (Long Beach)
CIA (North Hollywood)
Hollywood Bowl

Other Projects You’re Involved In

Mr. Moonshine, Composer for Evermor

Soundtrack Of Your Life

Fellow Robot
Long Beach, CA

Fellow Robot is a Southern California based indie group. In 2018, the band released their debut LP, ‘The Robot’s Guide to Music Volume 1’. This Wednesday, April 24, the band will be following up with their latest effort, ‘The Robot’s Guide to Music Volume II’ – digitally available everywhere.