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They Call Me Sauce

I remember listening to The Notorious B.I.G’s album Life After Death and falling in love with storytelling. My mother raised me in a Christian home and when I was younger I had to sneak to listen to explicit rap albums. Being with my dad was…

Michael McClintock / Cubanisms

I’m from a small town in Southwest Missouri called Neosho. After trying and failing miserably at all the sports kids seem to play in small towns, and not being the best student in the world, my uncle Mark offered me guitar lessons…

Discovery August 2018

Featuring: boygenius, Slaughter Beach, Dog, Beartooth, Cursive, Valley Hush, Radkey, plus many more. Discovery Playlists offer a chance to find your new favorite songs as well as discover new tracks from your favorite artists. Want to submit music to be reviewed for our playlists? Reach out

Adult Karate

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with music. When I was a small child, instead of begging my parents for the latest action figure, I would beg them to buy me Echo & The Bunnymen’s self-titled album on cassette tape or

Caleb Kopta

Battleborn by the Killers is an album that takes me to a really special place. In 2017, I was traveling with a band across the country. We were burning the midnight oil on a drive from Salt Lake City to LA. I drove us through