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Released December 20th, Billy Changer’s “Barbarella” video brings an entirely new and twisted view to obsession. Beginning innocently enough, Jake Huber’s direction took the school boy crush to different levels with the abduction of the song’s subject. Nothing, however, compares to the ending.

Sending controlling and enticing messages to viewers, Changer’s video creates a goofy contrast to the increasingly dramatic themes as “Barbarella” reverses the scenario on her kidnapper. To continue the humorous intentions, “Barbarella” stays to gloat and have a glass of wine as her kidnapper wakes.

“…I have a twisted sense of humor and wanted to make a video that was a combination of cute, funny, and creepy.” Huber commented toward the video. There’s no doubt the director achieved this. Viewers of the 2 minute clip are sure to experience an odd sense of humor as chills make their way up the spine.

You can find the music video below, while Changer’s most recent album, Light and Shadow Under the Olive Tree, is available for download on his bandcamp and Spotify.

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