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Caleb Kopta

Battleborn by the Killers is an album that takes me to a really special place. In 2017, I was traveling with a band across the country. We were burning the midnight oil on a drive from Salt Lake City to LA. I drove us through the night down the long highway that connects the lights of Las Vegas to the Wilderness of southern California. That trip I was first exposed to Battleborn. Something about that night, something about the mysterious moon casting shadows over the desert rock and cacti, the desire of the running engine, the tires kissing the road. One of my best friends Tate Kirgiss, riding shotgun. Brandon Flowers’ voice calling from the speakers. Staring at that open midnight sky, full of freedom and burning stars, I was on fire at that moment.

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania called Cochranton, I grew up playing the drums from a young age. I think I was about two. When I was seven I started playing at church, my dad was the worship leader growing up. He’s probably the reason that I started playing music. I was two months old when my parents took me to my first concert, it was a music festival called Creation. Music has been in my blood since the start. My dad taught me to play drums on pots and pans, had the house and cars flooded with sound. I started writing songs in my teens, I just stuck with it, picked up some other instruments, started to sing, and I loved everything about it. The tension between excitement and struggle in creativity and learning. The wonder of an intimate word or sentence. And the fusion of sound and word, and what it could do to the heart. I also knew girls would probably like it too. There are two things I remember about growing up, I loved rock and roll, and wanted to play rock and roll for anyone that wanted to listen.

I’ve had the privilege and opportunities to travel the country playing in bands, and playing my own songs. I’ve met a lot of amazing people and made many great friends through that. There have been some great memories that have come along the way as well. One of them being this drive through Nevada. It doesn’t get much better than this for me, I love rock music, traveling, and meeting people. Just like Battleborn is for me, I hope the songs that I write can tug at peoples hearts, take people to their “place”. These are songs that never get old, every time you return to them they take you deeper and deeper in. They light you on fire, make you believe you could do anything. That’s the magic in Battleborn to me. I’m thankful that there is music to represent that to my soul. I hope my songs have the power to do that for somebody else.

Favorite Record Store

Favorite Concert Venue

Not sure that I have a favorite, but two venues I have really enjoyed are: Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA Solider Field – Chicago, IL

Caleb Kopta
Cochranton, PA

Inspired by the Rock N’ Roll greats that came before him, and motivated by the stories that we all encounter on a daily basis, Caleb Kopta is crafting a niche for himself in the modern alternative rock landscape with honest lyrics, driving guitars and a desire to craft the soundtrack to life’s everyday experiences.