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Best of 2018

Best Of 2018: Albums & Songs, Nick

If 2017 was represented by bitter anger and shocking sadness, 2018 was the awareness and action that follows. It was a year filled with celebrations of different cultures, the power and wisdom of women, and the acknowledgement of mental health issues. As usual, the world

Best Of 2018: Albums & Songs, Stevie

Two things influenced my music listening habits in 2018; two purchases I made. The first, a Google Home smart speaker. When Spotify unveiled my top 100 tracks of the year, it was readily apparent the havoc my Google Home has wreaked. When I thought I was

Best Of 2018: Albums & Songs, Savanna

A year can be romanticized in many ways: moments marked by a trip, a lover, an experience, a season of sadness, a moment of bliss. We can romanticize our depression, our heartache, our utmost disappointments. We can travel the world or sink deep into our

18 Best Photos Of 2018

2018 will go down as a year where we saw some of the best concerts of our lives. From LA to New York, and even Canada, our photographers kicked ass coast to coast. Here's a recap of the amazing work they've created this year! Hover

Best EPs Of 2018

It wasn't easy, but we did it. The best EPs of 2018, according of course to the Playlistplay team. Here's what came out in 2018 that we particularly loved. Amira Wang, Rap Game Ragu I may be biased since we went to high school together…