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Song Premiere: Kleptokrat, “Kleptocito”

 Kleptokrat hits the ground running full speed on their latest single, "Kleptocito". The jazzy jam is instantly groovable from the second you press play. Cheeky horns play call-and-response with some exceptionally clean guitar. Soon enough, the saxophone bursts onto the scene, singing and scatting,

Conversations: Larsen

Conducted and written by Madelynne Jones. More of Madelynne's writing can be found on her blog, and in her weekly newsletters, we highly recommend checking both out! A Conversation with Larsen on finding their sound, raw collaboration, and bromance. For fans of Thrice, Young the

Album Review: Lazy Projector, ‘evoco’

I can only assume that the name Lazy Projector is a nod to avante-garde singer-songwriter Andrew Bird, an artist that brings full, layered sound to his poetic approach to songwriting. I’d even assume that a lot of that approach found it’s way in to Aaron

Song Premiere: Parkway & Columbia, “Superior”

Parkway & Columbia casts a line, and immediately you're hooked on their latest single, "Superior". With some serious influence from American Football - and musical glimpses from other midwest emo greats, the gentle, somewhat mathy, guitar riffs carry an almost calming tone to them. Keys

Song Premiere: Tara Velarde, “Something Bad”

Portland songstress Tara Velarde returns with the exceptionally groovy and soulful track, "Something Bad". The pop artist boasts a full, sultry voice throughout the song and exploding into a strong bombastic finish. Velarde's impeccable voice will definitely make a mark on the listener. Beneath her