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SXSW 2019 Recap

For various reasons my SXSW attendance was restricted to just three days (3/12-3/14) this year. But, despite that, I was determined to cram as much music into those three days as possible. I had a music wristband, which gave me secondary access to all official

10 Live Themed Music Videos: February 2019

Last month I discussed one of the most popular forms of the music video-- the “walk around” video.  This month I’m tackling another one—the live video! If you are doing a live recording of the song (whether in a studio or otherwise), I think that

Song Premiere: Nicholas Wall, “For The Dying”

Nashville’s solo sad-rocker Nicholas Wall is gearing up to release his debut album, Save Me, I’m Doing Fine, and with it, he shares his second single, “For The Dying”. In contrast to his previous work, “For The Dying” carries a heavier tone, a slower tempo,

Album Premiere: Cosmico, ‘Overthinker Know It All’

“a 60s era NYC rocker trapped in a millennial's body” That’s what Cosmico’s Facebook tells us about the Austin, Texas quintet. And truly, that’s spot on. Cosmico’s latest release, Overthinker Know It All, is a shimmering mass of heavy guitars and swirling tones that wrap