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Song Premiere: Nicholas Wall, “For The Dying”

Nashville’s solo sad-rocker Nicholas Wall is gearing up to release his debut album, Save Me, I’m Doing Fine, and with it, he shares his second single, “For The Dying”. In contrast to his previous work, “For The Dying” carries a heavier tone, a slower tempo,

Album Premiere: Cosmico, ‘Overthinker Know It All’

“a 60s era NYC rocker trapped in a millennial's body” That’s what Cosmico’s Facebook tells us about the Austin, Texas quintet. And truly, that’s spot on. Cosmico’s latest release, Overthinker Know It All, is a shimmering mass of heavy guitars and swirling tones that wrap

Video + Song Premiere: Y god Y, “Say”

Stream  What to say about “Say”. The first single from the upcoming self-titled EP by Lawrence, Kansas duo Y god Y is here, and it’s a doozy. The lavish electro-pop song builds layer upon layer, wrapped gently around singer/multi-instrumentalist Garret Marsh’s voice. The sturdy

Song Premiere: Larsen, “Good Looking Out”

Coming hot out of the gate, Larsen’s latest single is chock full of texture and dynamic nuances. Within the first 30 seconds, a medley of massive sounds swell around singer Jon Kinne’s crooning voice, and you’re regretting not listening to this song through your best

Album Premiere: moonweather, ‘Overgrown’

moonweather pulls no punches on their sophomore LP, Overgrown. An album that is easy on the ears musically, and devastatingly honest lyrically, has been perfectly crafted by the Cincinnati quartet. The 10 track LP leads you through winding roads of soft keys, sprawling and expansive

Song Premiere: Safari Room, “One Day Here”

Nashville indie-rock outfit Safari Room is here with a banger of a new song. The brand-spankin' new track draws you in with a palpable groove, and before you know it, you're already hooked. Through the danceable beats and jaunty guitar, the lyrics unfold into a

Song Premiere: Johnny Zachman, “Sundays In The Garden”

Let’s face it; life is tough. The added anxieties of making the right choice, doing or saying the right thing, solving all the problems around you and around the’s exhausting. Austin’s Johnny Zachman takes this head on in his newest single, “Sundays In The

Album Premiere: Roving Reporter, ‘Joie de Vivre’

Crafting his art in his hometown of New Orleans, the now Seattle-based Brett Barrilleaux - Roving Reporter - is set to debut his first body of work. The short and sweet four song Joie de Vivre takes you through a swirling, jangly, and honest journey. Joie

Song Premiere: Captiva, “Typhoon”

 Kansas City's Captiva brought a wave of warm air to the desolate midwestern winter. Their latest track, "Typhoon", is a sunny drive down a beach-lined highway. The track is presented with jaunty guitar throughout, and a drum beat that makes your toes tap. Smooth