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Liner Notes


By EXES The first time I fell in love, I was 17. I met Cain online. I sometimes wonder why fate brought two strangers together that night. All I know is that I fell in love with Music the night I fell in love with

Margrét Rán Magnúsdóttir / Vök

It's so beautiful and precious when you get these moments when music hits you in the face and turns your belly around. It's rare for me nowadays but when I wanna feel this way I go back to my song collection which I have been

Vesper Wood

I have a reoccurring dream, of waking up lying on some leaves, twigs, and roots, next to a small glassy pond, and hearing music somewhere off in the woods. I spend a while just lying there looking at the pond and listening, listening to the

Daniel John Reardon / Jaunt

Every summer growing up my family would attend something called "Strawberry Jam", it was more or less a private music festival. Organized by a mix of musicians - country, folk, jazz. Held on a farm owned and occupied by the original visionaries of the festival


During high school summers, I had my first full-time gig in the music industry working for a business management company. They dealt with the biggest pop groups at the time, which were mostly the Camp Rock era Disney acts. The work wasn’t glorious -- I


Everyday we do the same. Everyday we do the same. Everyday we do the same. At night our dreams do different. We wake, we do, we sleep. It is how the life cookie crumbles. It is glorious and I am grateful although it can become

Good Saint Nathanael

One of the Kickstarter prizes for my 2012 album was a songbook. I had no idea of the scale of the project when we thought of it, I just knew I had released 104 songs?! 11 people ordered it…. Little did I know when I

Joshua Powell

On Losing Your Shit & Finding the Inner Light of the Higher Mind We all marry narratives. You get an idea in your head that you’re this type of person, that we make this kind of music, that you’re going to marry that guy, that

Collin Russell Mullins

Music has been a constant in my life, always by my side, there with me for all the ups and downs. I feel the right song at the right time can change the course of someones life, musician or not. There are times when I'm


I honestly can’t think of a single day in my life that I haven’t listened to music, it’s been omnipresent since my parents were playing it to me in the womb. There was always singing in the house growing up and it was something my