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ØZWALD, “What We’ve Been Listening To”

Curated by: ØZWALD Featuring: Broken Bells, The Monkees, Whitney, Youth Lagoon, Odezsa, and more ØZWALD is the soulful duo of Steve Stout and Jason Wade. The pair bring an exceptionally full sound to their recordings, combining elements of rock and indie from all generations. And they've

Darling, The Genre

Curated by: Austin Ratzki Featuring: Hayley Heynderickx, GGOOLLDD, Florist, Wilsen, plus many more. Heroine harmonies? Siren solliloquies? Darling diddies? If you said yes to any of these you'll be sure to enjoy this playlist featuring the women & non-binary artists that are defining the music landscape

Time Machine: 2009

Curated by: Savanna Howland xRAWRx Remember MySpace? I guess it didn't go anywhere... but we sure did. We went places like Hot Topic to pick up a graphic tee from our favorite scene band. We went to the closest stop on Warped Tour to get

Time Machine: 1999

Curated by: Stevie Ervay Remember when Tom DeLonge was still in blink-182? Remember stocking up on canned food because Y2K would kill all the computers. Speaking of computers, remember the Matrix? Anyway...that was 20 years ago! Here's a sad, rowdy, and awkwardly ecclectic mixtape from

The DIY Report

Curated by: We're Trying Records Featuring: Kidlat, Mess, Spanish Love Songs, Mom Jeans, plus many more. We’re Trying Records is trying really hard. And people are taking note. The self-described “DIT label” fosters creativity and expression within their roster, which features Runt (Chicago), The Way Out

Kidlat Punch, “Bands That Influenced Us”

Curated by: Kidlat Punch Featuring: Hellogoodbye, Modern Baseball, Janelle Monaé, The cars, plus many more. Kidlat Punch will wiggle their way into your heart. The rowdy Austin, Texas quartet - according to their own bio - makes sloppy, poppy, punk rock. While gearing up to release