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Liner Note: Chanel Lóran

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Chanel Lóran

Music, for me, is a way of life – an extension of my inner self. When I was in elementary school, I would get in trouble for singing out loud. Seriously, this happened exponentially. I would sing my favorite songs as I did my work. My idols were Aaliyah, Mariah, Celine, and Beyonce.  Being an only child, I guess that music was both my source of friendship and entertainment. Singing consumed me and music was my focus in life. In my early teens, I worked as a demo singer to gain studio experience working with producers and writers. This experience gave me the confidence needed to begin my own creative journey. The past several years, I’ve spent writing and collaborating with many great producers and writers, however, many in the industry identify or put a label on me. There were many perceived ideas of what my sound should entail – even my style came with expectations. Somewhere along the way this became very frustrating to me and I refused to be told who I am as an artist.

I was determined not to be labeled. I felt confident in being an independent artist committed to my own individuality. I’m happy being an artist that is able to express myself in my own lyrics with my own style of music.  Accepting the fact that mistakes are inevitable, I have come to learn that growth is a process. My determination to be my own artist inspired the song that eventually became a single titled “Take It.” Everyone has felt pressure from the expectations of others and although most people never intend to place a label on anyone, it seems to be human nature. During the “Take It” writing process, I decided that I wouldn’t let anyone define the type of artist that I should be. In reality, I decided that I’m not going to “Take It”!

Chanel Lóran
Los Angeles, CA

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