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Sometimes attraction is misleading. And sometimes it lands you flat on your ass. Kansas City psychedelic pop nightcrawlers The Conquerors prove that both can happen when a lovely lady is on the other end of an intercepted phone call.

The video for the band’s latest track “Wyld Time” is shot in a throwback to the 80’s style with soft tones, gnarly denim jackets, and suburban bicycles. Without throwing too many spoiler grenades out there (which I don’t normally have to do with music videos, but this one is special), the video itself does a pretty wonderful job of portraying the misguided juvenile love and concealed emotions the song itself speaks of within its lyrics. It also throws quite the social-commentary curveball with it’s ending. One that has some subtle (but unfortunate for the main character) humor to it and is contrasted nicely by the perceived era of the video.

“Wyld Time is a song directed at the people who want to try and ignore the sad or upsetting aspects of life. The new agers. The premise being that contrast is what’s important. How can you say you’re truly happy if you’re never sad?” 

“It was written in the vein of “Lust For Life” by Iggy Pop or “C’mon Marriane” by the Four Seasons” says singer Rory Cameron, who was the unfortunate vampire riding his bike in the video.

If ya dig the Conquerors’ latest tune, be sure to swing by their record label, High Dive Records, website and preorder the band’s new album of the same name, Wyld Time, on limited edition blue vinyl (limited to 100), black vinyl, cassette tape, and compact disk. The album comes out August 26 and can also be snagged at one of the band’s record release shows in Kansas City. Check ’em out below. And who knows, maybe you’ll see Rory Cameron cruising around on a bike, dressed as a vampire, looking for true love.

Aug. 27th, Kansas City MO. @ Blind Tiger

Sept. 2nd, Kansas City MO. @ Mills Record Company (Free Show)