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London-based Francobollo made their live American debut at this year’s SXSW Music Conference. In Austin, they found good tacos, long lines, and enthusiastic crowds.

How’s Austin been treating you so far?

Sean: It’s been treating us well. We’ve done some queueing, as you do here. We’re staying with a friend outside of the center of town.

Simon: There’s a taco place just by our friend’s place. I can’t remember the name of it, so I suppose there’s no point in saying it, but it’s really good. Apparently this is the best taco place; a lot of people have been saying that.

This is your first time to SXSW. Why were you guys interested in performing and experiencing the festival?

Sam: I guess the legacy of the whole festival. We got offered it, and we had quite a bit of a dance when we got offered it. It’s fun to play; it’s exciting. It’d be our first gig in America, as well. You hear the horror stories of book your first American tour and coming across to play and there’s ten people at each show. Here we’re spoiled because there’s such a good set up here.

What are some of the other bands you’re excited to catch while you’re here?

Peter: There’s loads of really, really, really good bands. Our Girl, we played with last night and have played with them before, was really really good. We just kind of went through the Avant-Garde music suggestions and heard some really good music. If there’s a big band you want to see, here isn’t the place. You sneak away and go find the bands that are new, as opposed to the bands you could see in your hometown when they twitter.

You’re based in London. How does the scene around here in Austin differ from the culture in London?

Sean: It’s a conference showcase, so a lot of the people watching aren’t just your average guy who likes music. They’re people who work in the industry and they’re here to network. It’s a business opportunity. Here you’ve got music, film, tech. It’s almost like an expo center. There’s a nice mix of both; there’s quite a lot of the average person whose here to see good music and the people who are here to hustle.

Tell us a little bit about the song you’ve just released.

Peter: We just put out a single called ‘Hoo Ha’ which we’ve been informed means ‘vagina’ in America. Which is great! We didn’t realize. It means, for us, more like a ruckus. Like pandamonium. We’re really proud.

What’s the concept for the video?

Sam: We just didn’t have an idea, which is quite liberating. Stressful, but liberating. Going into the vicinity to film and not having a shot list or plan. We just had a rough idea of using green paint and green screens, and then we just played. You’ll just have to check it out.