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Liner Note: Coyote Choir

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Coyote Choir

It’s hard to wait. It’s hard when you’re stuck in a season that feels like the thing you love most goes on vacation and doesn’t tell you when it’s coming back. For us, it was music. It knitted us together over the years, but at some point, we each had our own version of uncertainty and it robbed our joy, and steered us away from the truth.

Each of us journeyed our own path to music. We were involved in different bands, playing instruments for other artists, and every now and then, we would travel highways together. Then one day, we took a risk. We started to write songs, and slowly our passion rose from the ground. We took a nosedive into deep waters of faith, returning to what we loved most: the joy of creating music. Time allowed us to trust each other; inviting a new chapter, leaving our painful past behind, and looking ahead with a renewed focus.

We came up with a commandment: NO DARK. We knew that we didn’t want to create music that would make someone feel as though they were trapped in a black cloud. The good times are hard to remember when bound by the threat of darkness. We wanted to be servants of love through song, letting light take the lead to give away snapshots of hope during life’s long battles. What we didn’t realize at the time was some of those first songs we were writing were providing healing to us as well. It’s strange to think of healing happening inside your own heart when the intention is to help mend the brokenness of the people you love.

One day, as we were beginning the search for the invisible song, we started talking about someone dear to us who lost her passion to sing and went though a season of quietness. Ironically, we were also drinking an herbal tea called “Sing”. We wondered how something so familiar and important could suddenly drift away, disappearing like a star sprinting to another world. So, we set out to write a song as a reminder, it’s not over, there’s more to the story. It can be frightening to use your gift, but having the courage to could inspire someone else. Remember the truth, and take back the gift that was stolen from you. It’s still there. Sing!

Favorite Record Store

Grimey’s- Nashville, TN
Disk Go Joe’s- Goodlettsville, TN
McKay’s- Old Hickory Blvd. Nashville, TN
Phonoluxe- Nashville, TN

Favorite Concert Venue

Our parents living rooms, with the childhood pianos and steadfast picture frames.

Coyote Choir
Nashville, TN 

At the heart of Coyote Choir is a love of simple things. Bassist Paul Watkins likens it to the pure joy he felt riding in his grandfather’s truck, feet on the dash, Waylon Jennings on the radio. A multi-generational mix of road-worthy influences quickly found their way into the music, from contemporaries like Brandon Flowers and The War on Drugs to the Traveling Wilburys and Dire Straits.