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Springfield, Missouri’s very own D. CLEA – the riveting pop band comprised of Darien Clea, Matt Fritzler, Caleb Block, and Ryan Westeren – may just be your new music crush. Their most recent single “Loyal” layers into your subconscious with its smooth, effortless sound. The instrumentals are almost primal in a way, providing that freeing feeling that really allows you to breathe into the track. It isn’t abrupt like so many, but layers in slowly and then fades out at the end, as many songs did in years past. It provides this idea, almost, that the track exists in the sound space before you can hear it, and long after it’s over.

D. CLEA takes a unique approach to their songwriting, being sure to let the the songs be conceptualized out of creativity with no constraints. And you can feel that, certainly, especially when you realize that the vocals are truly being utilized as another ethereal instrument, whereas so many others have vocals that are constantly fighting for power over other aspects of the track.

Check out the official video for “Loyal”, which came out just in time for the holiday madness. Its jewel tones insinuate a regal tone that we think the band deserves completely. Plus, it gives us a little glimpse into their live performance tactics nestled between some intensely beautiful lighting scenarios.

D. CLEA’s In Health is out January 18th. And it might just be all we want in 2018.

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