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September 11, 2017 Savanna Howland

We got to bust out our flannel and venture to the Pacific Northwest for a day of music, film, comedy and a whole lot more. Seattle pulled out all the punches for this year’s celebration of all things music. The people were immensely nice, the food was tasty, and the weather was perfect. Check out our day in the life at Bumbershoot 2017 below and get jealous. Then meet up with us there next year!


The lineup was stacked this year with heavy hitters like Weezer, Lorde, Solange and Flume as well as some personal favorites like LANY and Die Antwoord.


We spend most of the day snacking on free goodies from vendors like Clif, M&M’s, High Brew Coffee, and Runa but alas, a real meal was in order. After much deliberation over the selection of food stands, we settled on the Ahi Poke and a cinnamon sugar elephant ear.


Extremely gorgeous screen printed posters EVERYWHERE. Left, right, up down. One of the most iconic events at Bumbershoot is the mini screen printing conference held within the festival, which features some of the top talent in the world.


One of the best things about festival season is new music discovery. Bumbershoot created the perfect environment to discover new (to us) artists that could quickly become new favorites. We enjoyed sets from J GRGRY, Dude York, and Peach Pit to name a few.


Bumbershoot does an excellent job of mixing media throughout the festival, including a unique comedy lineup each day.


Speaking of mixing media at the festival, Bumbershoot also had a killer film festival each day, curated and held at the Seattle International Film Festival. Movies weren’t the only things that were on the big screen either. Bumbershoot also held video game sessions, allowing festival goers to come in, play a round, and make some new friends (or enemies).

Sub Pop

One of Seattle’s most iconic creations, Sub Pop Records created a magical pop-up shop wonderland with vinyl galore (duh), awesome merch, and interactive exhibits.

Silent Disco

Held in the Museum of Pop Culture’s Sky Church, dueling DJs played separate sets accessible by dancers via headsets. We also visited MoPOP on our day off, an experience we highly recommend for music lovers.


Not sure we’ve ever seen so many smiles at a single music festival. Was it because of the music? The awesome food? The incredible city? The relaxing weather? It was probably all of ’em.