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Want to get professional design experience? In the music industry? With some rad folks who are passionate about what they do and value having fun? Yeah, we thought ya might.

While the internship isn’t paid, you’ll receive varied professional experience, have a darn fun time, rub elbows with a killer network, and take advantage of sweet, sweet music industry benefits like free concert tickets, early releases of new music, awesome swag, and more. Your work will also be viewed by thousands.

We’re looking for a person who’s easy to work with, passionate about music, patient, and hungry to work on some neat stuff. This isn’t just a chance to get professional experience, it’s a chance to help shape the future of the company. We’ll work together to craft the ideal internship for you as well, doing our best to focus on what you’re interested in.

All of that sounds awesome? Take a look at the list of what we’re expecting and reach out to us at with a resume and portfolio / link to portfolio site attached


  • Work with the core Playlistplay team to innovate and disrupt the online music industry through badass and meaningful visual storytelling.
  • Create various projects ranging from printed gig posters to playlist illustrations to website layout and even new features on the site.
  • Work with pre-existing design patterns and create new ones that are seen by an ever-growing PLP audience.
  • Work closely with the editor, creative director, writers, and the rest of the PLP team.
  • Work with partner companies like Sofar Sounds and Do816 and create custom designs for curated events like concerts.
  • Help shape the company through team discussions and designing new and interesting features.
  • Work on some “blue sky” designs that are future facing and exciting.


  • A strong portfolio that shows skills in composition, typography, illustration, and web design (WordPress is a plus).
  • Pursuing or already have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or illustration.
  • A curious personality who is hungry to learn and ready to have fun.
  • It’s ok if you don’t know something but be ready to take on a challenge and learn when provided.
  • Intermediate (minimum) experience with Illustrator, Photoshop, concepting, and pen and paper.
  • Know how to receive and give constructive criticism.
  •  A self-starter willing to identity and go after problem areas and projects.
  • A vigilant attention to detail.
  • Organized thinker that is happy to work with systems.