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Devin Shelton / Emery

I grew up in South Carolina, along with two other members of the band. We were raised listening to country and gospel, with a dash of R&B to boot. Things were simple, but done a certain way. When I reached my teenage years, there was a burst in rock music; specifically grunge. Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and more became a radio consistent. Then Weezer, Foo Fighters and other influential rock bands came on the scene. These bands changed how we viewed music.

We began learning cover songs, writing some of our tunes, and playing some high school parties. Once we got to college, we were introduced to Indie music, specifically emo and hardcore. Early 90s rock had already pushed us a few steps beyond where we were, but this music sent us over the edge. We now realized you didn’t have to be a huge radio band to make music and tour. You could sign to a smaller label and travel, play shows, and possibly even make music for a living. So we wrote and played local shows as much as possible. Nobody came except our friends and families, but we were going for it.

We eventually made a plan to move somewhere with more underground music opportunity. We chose Seattle. Everyone thought we were crazy and maybe we were, but we did it. We graduated college and moved 3000 miles away from everything we knew. From then on it was all music all the time. We had minimum wage jobs, but we practiced and wrote daily. Started playing shows and made a record. We eventually got signed to a label and started touring full-time.

It’s hard to believe that was almost two decades ago. But here we are, still doing it and loving it.

Favorite Record Store

Sonic Boom (Seattle)

Favorite Concert Venue

El Corazon (Seattle), Glasshouse and Chain Reaction (Orange County, CA), The National (Richmond)

Other Projects You’re Involved In

Solo Project – Sensation (Album)
Podcasts – BadChristian Podcast, Song Rescue

Seattle, WA

Emery is a staple in post-hardcore music. After a tenure at Tooth & Nail Records, the Seattle-based, South Carolina-bred band formed BadChristian, a media property that fulfills the roll of a record label, as well as producing a podcast and blog. Emery is gearing up to release their seventh LP, ‘Eve’; each preorder on the band’s website comes with an immediate download of the album. Catch Emery’s latest music video here.