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March 10th marks the 20th anniversary of Elliott Smith’s Either/Or, a rerelease of which is due on the same day. 14 years after the singer/songwriter’s passing, Kill Rock Stars has announced the unveiling of Either/Or: Expanded Edition. This is set to commemorate the birthday of one of Smith’s most popular albums 10 years after the idea for rerelease was conceived.

The expanded edition will feature eight previously unreleased tracks, five of which are live recordings from the 1997 Yo Yo A Go Go festival in Washington. The rerelease was carefully remastered from the original tapes under the supervision of Larry Crane.

One unreleased tune, “I Figured You Out”, written and recorded for Mary Lou Lord, will be found on the double LP. Featuring Neil Gust on drums and personally mixed by Larry Crane in 2010, the track will be of special interest come release.

The expanded edition will be chock-full of interesting material for fans, containing “…an insert of the original liner notes, a postcard of the original master tapes, and several never-before seen photos.” The included material, along-side the emotionally charged remastered tracks, will undoubtedly leave followers at a loss for words and tissues following its release.

The double LP is currently available for pre-order on Smith’s bandcamp.